Welcome to lingolingua

Lingolingua was born from the union of Atlingua and Lingo Món, with more than 30 years of experience at the service of language teaching, mainly of English, German, French and Italian. Our objective and success relies on language teaching with high professionalism, guaranteed by our experience, maximum efficiency and intensity, as well as by our personalised attention.

We focus on offering language courses abroad, with small groups and really competitive prices, without forgetting the quality and continuous improvements that we provide to our students.


We want to help you to learn

At lingolingua we always look for the best way to foster our students’ growth, their learning and the improvement of their language skills in the most efficient and effective way for them to retain the knowledge of what they have learnt.

Maria Vassileva

Founder of lingolingua – Director of Lingo Món

Where learning is more than an experience

For all the people behind lingolingua, the learning of a language through travel is the path leading to new experiences and to the development of not only language skills, but also social.

If you want to join us in this adventure, we will be delighted to count on you!

Carmen Pilar Saura

Founder of lingolingua – Director of Atlingua

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